Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday X's 2

Every year my in-laws celebrate my birthday with my husband's...
 I don't mind. I get my own cake! Our birthdays are only a few days apart (his 15th & mine 20th) so this makes things easier, especially after the holidays. Not to mention the fact that my father in-law's is the 22nd.
We no sooner come down off the sugar high and it's February. That means we are celebrating another birthday. This time my sis in-law's. We spend a lot of time together between December and February...eating cake.
Did I mention cake?
What you see here are the remnants of said cake. The ice cream cake is my husband's. He requests one every year. I on the other hand have many tastes and this year I had a hankering for turtle cheesecake. I have to say, it was especially yummy!
This year I was blessed with gift cards so you know what that means...more yarn! I am also feeling the need to explore other craft venues such as resin casting. At the moment I'm thinking magnets & jewelry but only time will tell what the creative muse has in store for me. Now, for another slice of cake...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Totally Addicted

I have to come to terms with the fact that I am completely addicted. To knitting slippers, that is. Actually they are called duffers but look like a ballet slipper. I stumbled upon this awesome pattern on Ravelry thanks to a blog post by Amybel. She shared this pattern by Mindie Tallack, who was kind enough to put it on Ravelry free.  I like free, that's why it's in bold!!!
Anyway, once I saw this pattern, I knew it was the perfect thing to make as far as Christmas gift knitting goes. They are really quick to knit, don't require too much concentration ( I can knit in front of the T.V.) and they are useful. However, I had no idea when I started making these slippers that I would ultimately have no urge to knit anything else. To be honest, if I had known I probably would have gone ahead and knit them anyway. That's just how I am. I can already hear myself saying "Oh no, that won't happen to me. I have too many projects on the needles for that to happen". Yeah right! Guess I have to learn the hard way sometimes.
In hindsight I should have had an inkling that this was going to happen. All I had to do was look at my knitting history. I am predisposed to sock knitting. Compulsive sock knitting I might add. I have been able to keep this little slipper addiction a secret from my family but only because I have been giving away the evidence. I know at some point I will not have the will power to give them away anymore. I'm already thinking about coordinating them to all my cozy p.j's  At this point, I can't stop thinking about various color combinations and all the ways in which I can embellish these slippers...constantly.
I guess I could have worse addictions. This particular one doesn't seem to pose any health risks at the moment. The only side effect is that everyone I know will eventually have a pair of their very own! I've heard you have to hit rock bottom before you can reach out for help, I'm not sure I'm there yet. Then again, I could be the last to know.                          


These are what I've made so far with the exception of two pair (no pics yet). I have another pair in progress that will be completed tomorrow and then of course...another pair will be immediately started. I will continue to update pics of all the slippers I make on Ravelry.          

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sunny with a Chance of Toast

 I have a confession folks, I don't like the white of eggs.
 I don't care if the white is firm or runny, I'm not eating it. It doesn't matter if the egg is boiled, fried or poached. Bottom line, if I see anything that resembles the white of the egg, I'M NOT EATING IT! I am aware that it really doesn't have a taste. It may really come down to the texture of the thing. Whatever the reason, is not the point. The fact of the matter is, that due to this peculiar culinary dislike of mine, I have spent most of my life finding the perfect egg. I don't mean organic, free range or any of those popular labels, although I do prefer a local farm raised egg. If given a choice, I will also pick the brown egg every time. To me they just taste better. But when I say The Perfect Egg, I mean the best way the egg can be prepared that will ultimately lead me to the golden, delicious center with the least amount of dissection. I have cooked eggs in a variety of ways and here are the results of my quest;
Hard Boiled- This has always seemed to be the easiest way to eat an egg as I am able to remove the white and keep the yolk intact. The problem with this method is that the yolk is usually over cooked. If I reduce the boil time, the yolk and the white are too runny and become too involved with each other.
Scrambled- This is also an easier way for me to eat eggs. However, the eggs must be beaten with vigor and scrambled well in the pan to rid the sight of any egg white.
Sunny Side Up- This has become my absolute favorite way to eat an egg. The downside? There is a ridiculous amount of dissecting time involved with this process. Not to mention the effect it has on those watching the process! The white is usually firm enough that I can cut it away from the yolk. I then gently remove that jelly-like film that coats the top of the yolk. After I have successfully done this without breaking the yolk, I flip the yolk over and remove the last of the white from what once was the bottom of the yolk. What I am left with is usually a golden, runny yolk ready for the dipping of buttered toast. White... free.
I have spent a lot of time thinking about all the different methods in which I can cook an egg with the best possible outcome. What I have come up with today is
This is what I call The Perfect Egg.
  This egg was a result of me thinking about the possibilities of an over poached egg. I figured if I over poached the egg, the white would be firm enough to remove but would also allow the yolk to remain intact. I have to say, I was hopeful but never thought the result would be this dreamy. There was a bit of dissection involved but the time required was certainly minimal. The yolk was a perfect balance of firmness and softness. It could hold its shape for the white removal but was supple enough for a good toast dipping. My quest may be over but the future is certainly sunny. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Day Late and A Dollar Short...

I know it's a bit late but I was hoping to get some pictures on here with this post. However, my models were all busy celebrating the new year. I have one more gift to give this month so unfortunately I can't reveal the details of what I actually knit everyone. And so the suspense continues...