Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rest In Peace My Sweet Eakins

I know I've been MIA but I just couldn't talk about it for a while. On September 13th we had to put our little Eakins down. I guess I just didn't want to face the fact that he was thirteen years old, he still had such a baby face. The sad news is that he had a tumor which explains why he had been losing weight. Fluid was building up in his chest from the tumor as well. He wasn't able to expand his lungs fully and I'm sure he was uncomfortable. We didn't want to see him in any pain so we felt we had no choice. It has taken me a while to get back to my old self again. This was really a very difficult thing for me to deal with. I felt (still do really) as though my heart had a huge hole in it. But he has a beautiful resting place under the peach tree. He has chimes and a birdbath along with bright flowers and a special plaque.
He will always be our 1st baby and we have many special memories of him to last a lifetime.

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